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First ramble of 2023 season - Poplar Road, Glenrothes to Balbirnie Park, Markinch

On Monday, 3rd April, 2023, a group of members accompanied by family/friends and a number of volunteers set out on the first ramble of the year from Poplar Road, Glenrothes.

The eventual destination was Balbirnie Park, Markinch travelling via Bobligen Way to Woodside then through Alburne Park and across the River Leven Viaduct.  Once across the viaduct the route took us along a well maintained tarmac path and up into Markinch.

The group travelled through Markinch and into Balbirnie Park following the main drive up passed Balbirnie House Hotel and Balbirnie Park Golf Club.

The group then found a lovely soot beside a babbling brook where on a very nice sunny day they enjoyed a picnic lunch.

After a period relaxing the convoy then used further tracks through the woods to arrive back at the main entrance to the park.  

From this point the outward bound route was followed in reverse to arrive back in Poplar Road and so ended a very enjoyable first ramble of the season.

Social Brunch at Clayton Caravan Park Restaurant, Dairsie on Thursday, 9th March, 2023,

On this date between 11a.m. and 1p.m. 33 members and volunteers of the association met at the venue stated above and enjoyed some excellent food.  As has been the past the service provided by the staff at the venue was excellent.  It cannot be easy catering for 33 people who have pre-ordered and then getting the correct food to the correct person.

The group welcomed a new member into the fold at this event and as we were about leave she stated that she had enjoyed the day and looked forward to attending further events.

Much of the talk during the event centred on the upcoming calendar of rambles beginning in April, 2023 with a trip to Balbirnie Park, Markinch.  Fingers crossed for good weather.

The upcoming project of The Great Glen Way was also discussed with interest by both those taking part and also by other members who offered their support to the group taking part.

The venue is turning out to be popular with the group and it is hoped to visit again in 2024, if not earlier.


On the date stated above a total of 45 members, volunteers and family and friends gathered together at the hotel stated.  Unfortunately some others had to cancel due to illness on the day and we wish them a swift recovery and our best wishes for the forthcoming festive season.

Everyone attending brought along a prize for the raffle for which we are always grateful.  A total of £183 was raised from the raffle and the ladies and gent who ran the raffle did a great job on the day for which we thank them.

The company were spread across 5 tables and the meal was enjoyed by those attending.

A presentation was given on the up to date position in relation to preparations for The Great Glen Way project in April/May 2023 and also who was being organised in relation to fundraising for FTDR for the future.  Feedback given was encouraging.

At the end of the day everyone was happy with the event and left for home with a resounding 'Cant wait for the events in 2023'.

The best wishes for the festive season go to all members, volunteers, family/friends and anyone readin this last report of 2022. 


So the day arrived for the last ramble of the season and we had decided to end the years rambling on a trip to Atholl Woods, Dunkeld.  Over the few days prior to the ramble the bookings for the ramble had been decimated by illness and worries over the weather with the result that on the actual day 7 'scooterists' met at the Cally Car Park on the north side of Dunkeld.

Underfoot conditions on arrival in the car park were wet although there was no rain at this time and this was to be the case as the group made their way along the route.  The route passed through mature woodland for much of the way along a fairly good surface.  The route from the car park to the Mill Dam is an ascent most of the way.


At the time of the recce of the route the surface was in good condition.  However, on the day of the ramble we found that works were being carried out in the area of Cally Loch and this resulted in fairly muddy conditions as we passed by this point.  However, this affected the volunteers and family members more than it did the members on the scooters.


At one point a few of the members aw some deer feeding in a meadow on the east side of the path when, about the same point some others were surprised by a red squirrel darting across the path almost immediately in front of the lead scooter. 

At one point on the route th surface got a little rougher but everyone manage fine although once we had passed through a gate it was obvious to all that cows had also used the route sometime before us.  The scooters did manage to avoid most of the evidence.

Eventually the group reach the Mill Dam where for a brief time the sun came out although crowds were threatening rain at this point.  However, the group made use of the fishing boat store to enjoy a picnic and a view of the Mill Dam.  Some of the group saw evidence of beavers living on the loch with gnawed stumps of trees on the edge of the loch.

After enjoying our picnic we decided to retrace our steps but just at that point there was a fairly heavy shower.  The group took time to get on the rain covers from the scooters and as they did so the shower relented a little and the homeward journey began.  Although we kept the covers on the rain did not actually come to anything serious before we reached the Cally Car Park once again.

The consensus among the group was that it was an excellent ramble with a wish to do it again perhaps earlier in the season and this has been noted.  Some of the group, even among the volunteers were completely unaware of the route and vowed to return and enjoy it on the future.

The scooters were loaded back on to the vans, passengers returned to their cars and the journey home began.  A fe minutes later the rain came back in earnest and was really heavy for a good part of the journey.

So the rambling season finished but plans are already in place for 2023 which includes the Great Glen Way Challenge and three new rambles so get prepared and lookout for further event information appearing in your inbox or through your letter box.


The penultimate ramble of the season took place on the above date starting at Perth Riverside Church, Bute Drive, Perth.  Permission had been granted by the church for us to use the car park for unloading the scooters and parking vehicles and also for the use of the toilets in the facility.

The volunteers with the vans and scooters arrived early and made use of the cafe facility in the church to enjoy a coffee and an excellent piece of carrot cake!!!

Unfortunately prior this event illness in various forms caught up with 5 of our members and they were unable to join the ramble.

Soon it was time to set off on the ramble.  There was a fairly strong wind blowing as we set off and it was keeping the temperatures down.  However, nothing deters ours members.

After leaving the car park and a short journey across a gravel track we reached the tarmac paths of North Inch.  On reach the River Tay which at this point was flowing quite quickly we made a right turn and headed towards the city of Perth.  Soon the spires of churches could be seen in the distance welcoming us towards the city centre.

A group of children from Perth Grammar School provided some light relief when out for a cross country run.  The first ones to pass were obviously the real sporty ones but interest waned s the later 'runners' passed by.

The group passed through the golf course are of North Inch beofre getting back to the banks of the Tay.  Many took to the view of the houses on the far bank.  Some were older large houses with huge gardens whilst others were more modern but still a fair area of garden.  It was interesting to see the different styles.

Soon we reached the southern end of the park and decided to continue on the loop around the park stopping for lunch at a favourable spot with seats for the volunteers.  After a short break the group set off again along a good surface on the west side of the park.  The area was busy with walkers, joggers, runners and cyclists.  However all were very friendly towards the group and the ramble was enjoyable apart from the slightly cooling breeze.  We were lucky in that it did not rain and so we arrived back at the church car park where everyone disembarked from their scooters and some made further use of the cafe facilities.

The volunteers were not long in loading up the scooters before returning to the garage in Glenrothes and another ramble was over.

Only one more ramble to go to complete the rambling programme for 2022 and that is to Atholl Woods, Dunkeld on Wednesday, 5th October, 2022.


On a lovely sunny day 12 'scooterists' accompanied by 3 family and friends including a family member visiting from Toronto, Canada, set off round the park.  The group was accompanied by 8 volunteers.


The route initially follows a path northwards through the park giving a teasing view of the loch of to the west.  At the north end of the path the route follows a tarmacadam road through a tree/bush lined road giving access to houses along the way and also access to the loch for fishermen.  The road is narrow and because of this several 'sleeping policemen' have been placed along the road.  Not the best hazard for mobility scooters!!! 

However the group successfully negotiated the 'hazards' and occasionally had views of the loch.  This is a popular walking route for locals and all were very friendly towards our group.

Eventually we found a lovely grassy spot overlooking the loch where we enjoyed a picnic lunch and the 'craic'.  The sun continued to shine and a small hut provided a seat and shade for some of the party.

After a short time we returned to the track and continued westwards to the end of the loch which is very close to the main A92 road between Dundee and Aberdeen.  At this point the route turns back in an easterly direction.  The group took a left turn off the main path in order to follow the bank of the loch but this was to prove and error!!!  After about 200 hundred yards we found the path to be flooded and so the 'scooterists' had to practice their maneuverability procedures to turn around and find another route.

Soon the group were back on the route back to the start passing through woodland with further views of the loch, passing sports grounds (rugby) and then back into the park and the end of the ramble.

Everyone enjoyed the day and were delighted to have clear blue skies for the entire ramble.  Everyone disembarked from the scooters and head off home.  The volunteers loaded the scooters on to the vans and headed back to the garage.  Only two rambles left in this season and fingers crossed the weather continues to support us.




Perhaps on reflection deciding on a ramble round this location on a Sunday was not the best idea.  Particularly as it was a lovely day with the sun shining brightly.  This mean't, it was a very popular place to be on this day.

However, we a resilient if nothing else and soon we had found parking places for the vans.  Not particularly good in one instance but we were successful in unloading the required amount of scooters for everyone to enjoy the day.

12 members on scooters accompanied by 5 family members and friends and 8 volunteers set off from the car park along The Red Squirrel Trail,  This is a lovely trail wending its way through the pine trees and past Bordie Loch.  Unfortunately no red squirrels were seen on this occasion although the group did admire a tree carving of a squirrel, owl and a woodpecker!!!

On leaving the red squirrel trail the group followed a track northwards and joined a forestry track leading through the trees and along a line of pylons carrying power lines.  The route took us past a white cottage on the west bank of Moor Loch and then we followed the route in an arc around the north shores of the loch although forestry growth denies any views of the loch.


On reaching the east side of the loch we had a view back across the loch to the white cottage which in the past was a boathouse.   Unfortunately since our last visit the loch has become somewhat overgrown and there is no wildlife to be seen on the loch.  At this point we enjoyed a picnic in the now very warm sunshine.


Eventually it was time to move on and head back towards the car park.  Again we followed forestry tracks where it would appear that new surface ha been put in place at some points and this made it a bit rougher as it requires time to settle in. 


About 2.30pm. we arrived back at the car park where everyone thought it had been a good ramble although not without its now testing moments although these instances are not surprising considering the logistics of making these events run smoothly.  Once again the volunteers did a good job.  Lessons are always being learned and so we move on to the next ramble in Forfar.


On a beautiful sunny day our group of 17 @scootersts', family/friends and volunteers set from the east end of The Promenade.  Accessing drop kerbs meant that our route passed the first tee on the Leven Links Golf Course.  The entourage did not appear to upset those teeing off with no shouts of annoyance!!!

We headed round the pathway leading past the two golf clubs who share the course and passed the local bowling club.  The route then took us out on to East Links, Leven, and then on to a track between the houses which lead us to Leven Municipal Golf Course.

The route then followed the edge of the eighteenth fairway as it set off uphill before veering away from the course along an undulating track with good view of Largo Bay, Shell Bay and out to the point at Elie.  Looking backwards provided good views of Leven and beyond.

Continuing on our way the group passed through lots of greenery and then down into Silverburn Estate along an avenue of trees past the recently completed glamping area.  It was very busy.

The group made their way to the garden area where we set up camp for lunch and took up a fair area of space.  It was lovely and sunny and very relaxing sitting in the garden.  Edith Steele, one of our volunteers who also volunteers at Silverburn gave a short talk on what had happened, what was happening and what was going to happen at Silverburn.

Some of the more energetic members then went to explore the area but I suspect that not many made it passed the ice cream parlour!!!

After about an hour it was time to retrace our steps and about 2.15p.m. we were back at the car park on the Promenade.

Everyone enjoyed the day and remarked that they were looking forward to Devilla Forest on Sunday, 28th August.  See you there.


The water of Leith walkway is some 12 miles long starting at Balerno and this was the groups first foray into the route.  The idea is over the years to complete the whole route.

One of the problems in starting at Balerno was finding appropriate parking for the vans and cars.  After some investigation and a request to the Headmaster we were allowed to use the car park at Balerno High School.  Perfect as the start is only 100 yards away.  Our grateful thanks go to Mr. McCallum for his permission to use the car park.

Son on the day 17 'scooterists' set off on the first part of this walkway.  It as an overcast day and there were several showers during the trip.  However this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the group.  Several mentioned that it was nice to amble along the path with the sound of the River Leith and the birdlife in the background.

The path is fairly busy with walkers, runners and cyclists but all in all everyone coped with overtakes and passes very well.

On reaching Juniper Green we had our break during a time when the sun was shining before setting off on the return journey and into another rain shower.

It has to be said that this ramble highlighted a couple of problems which will be resolved for future events but it was an enjoyable day.

The group then retired to The New Liston Arms, Kirkliston where they enjoyed a well earned meal.  The helpings were plentiful and the ambiance was an excellent way to finish the day.  Another good day for FTDR.


On this date a small group of members took a journey from Poplar Road, Glenrothes, through the precincts of Piitteuchar and Stenton and ended up at Stenton Ponds.

This has been a popular destination over the years and was on this date although the ponds are now becoming overgrown and perhaps not as nice a view as they used to be.  Still plentiful wildfowl on the pond and a lovely place to enjoy and picnic and pass the time of day.

The route to the ponds was retraced and another good day came to an end at Poplar Road.


This is probably the most challenging ramble that has ever been on the groups programmes over the years.  The route is a rough whinstone path across the exposed ridge that lies between Glenrothes in the south and Strathmiglo and Gateside in the north.  The route was chosen for this years programme as a small tester for those whishing to take on the Great Glen Way in 2023.

Having said it is a difficult route in the first place it was not helped on the day that it was driving rain and breezy.

It was decided to proceed with the ramble and everyone attending was issued with a scooter and enveloped in the wet weather gear that accompanies every scooter.  Off we set.

It is fair to say that everyone was coping with the conditions fairly easily although some might have had a few moments wondering 'what am I doing'.

The group made their way along the path and some were forging ahead whilst others were having problems.

NOW READERS.  The problems were not because the members could not manage the route but the scooters were not coping with the route and some of the electrics ere playing up.

Due to the conditions and the scooter problems it was decided to terminate the route for the day and return to the vans.  A volunteer caught u with those who had forged ahead and eventually everyone returned to the start.

It was certainly a test on the day and was a learning curve for everyone.  The Great Glen Way will be a challenge but the surface is unlikely to be as rough as was found on this journey.  Where are we going next!!!!


Three barges had been booked for this trip and on the date 32 members and volunteers turned up for the trip.  The group were sorted out into groups so that each barge had almost the same amount of passengers thereon


The three barges set off in a westerly direction along the canal.  It was a windy day and the man in charge of the trip on the day stated that when we reached Almondvale that would probably be far enough as the landscape changed thereafter and the wind was strong enough to cause problem for the barges.

The speed of the barges was very sedate and it was a relaxing journey along the route.  Towpaths on either sides resulted in walkers, joggers and cyclists passing by and cheery salutations were exchanged.

The crew on the barge supplied tea and biscuits which was enjoyed by everyone and some of the members had brought a picnic and tis was consumed as we made our way along the canal.

After three hours and an enjoyable return journey the day was over all too quick but once again everyone was in agreement that it had been a great day and d worth doing again sometime.


An old favourite was on the diary for todays trip and the group met up in the car park at the visitor centre at the appointed time.  Scooters were issued and the group set off.

Alex Spence had attend the park a few weeks in advance and he had worked out a route that would be suitable to everyone and with some different views of the park.

A visit to the animal centre was first on the cards as there ae normally babies to be seen and we were not disappointed with lambs, fawns and calves to be seen.

Continuing on the route the group passed a paddock in which a herd of deer had obviously been spooked probably by a group on motability scooters and were seen careering around the paddock.

The route then entered woodland and bypassed the fishing loch in the park before arriving at  grassy are where we stopped for lunch.  During the time we were stopped we were treated to a group of tree surgeons taking down dangerous trees in the park.  TIMBER!!!  Strangely was never heard!!!

On leaving our picnic area Alex had found a new route back to the start which included good views of the hills to the north and also at the high point of the route views of the Forth Road Bridges.

Back at the start some of the group visited the visitor centre for a coffee and thereafter set off on the journey home.

SCOOT HELD ON Thursday, 12th May, 2022.

On this date a group of members with volunteers set off on a short scoot and ended up going across the Markinch Viaduct and eventually into the local cafe in Markinch where they enjoyed a coffee and some convivial chat.

It was a lovely day and after a short period of time the group made their way back to the start where they all departed for home and looked forward to the next event on the calendar BEECRAIGS COUNTRY PARK.


An eventful ramble was held on the date stated when 3 vans with scooters and a minibus set sail for Glen Isla.  It was an interesting journey with different drivers choosing different routes but eventually everyone arrived in the car park at BlackWater Reservoir.

The day was overcast but as always with the group there were smiles all round at least until it was announced that the back door on one of the vans had been damaged and therefore we could not gain access for the scooters!!!  So we were 6 scooters down before we even started issuing transport to the members already there.  It was decided at this point that the van should return to Glenrothes immediately in an effort to rectify the problem and so two volunteers and the van left.

I will never have anyone say that our members are not resilient and with some electing to take their own small scooters on the ramble and others offering wheelchairs we were able to get everyone on to transport.

The group set off along the north bank of the reservoir on a good tarmacadam surface and had good views across the water to fields and also forestry that had been ravaged by the recent strong gales.  It was not the longest of rambles but eventually we found a nice spot to have a stop and picnic.  At this point the sun did shine and allowed us to enjoy the scene.

However it did not hold up and on the journey back the rain came on and was in our faces but the smiles were still there and the journey back was made without incident although not quite as enjoyable as the outward journey.

Everyone was sorted out with transport and set off for a well deserved meal at Alyth Golf Club which was a good end to the day and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Once again the group displayed an aptitude for overcoming problems, helping each other and just getting on with it.  WELL DONE EVERYONE.


The first ramble of the year took place on the above date when a number of 'scooterists' accompanied by family/friends and volunteers set off from Poplar Road, Glenrothes.  The route took them along Bobligen Way to Stenton Road where we ventured into Rimbleton Precinct.

An avenue of trees extends from the south side of Rimbleton Precinct to the north side of South Parks Precinct and was a good tarmacadam surface.  It was a lovely day and many people were out and about enjoying a stroll, walking dogs etc.

On reaching the north end of this avenue we reached Glenrothes Town Park where we followed several paths through wooded areas and along the banks of the River Leven before stopping in a play park area where we enjoyed a picnic.

After lunch the intention was to cross the river and amble along the north side of the river but unfortunately there was a step up to a bridge which meant that the scooters could not negotiate this hazard.  However we continued on the path on the south side arriving at the pond which was teeming with wildfowl.


On leaving the pond the group proceeded into the playpark area of the park and followed the river once again until exiting the park at its east end up a steepish hill into Queensway Industrial Estate.  The route then followed streets through the estate before heading into Auchmuty Precinct.  The group then passed Auchmuty High School before rejoining Bobligen Way and returning to the starting point.


Everyone agreed it had been an enjoyable day and were looking forward to a season of fun on the rambles along with good company and chat. 


On this date 39 members, family/friends nd volunteers enjoyed a 'brunch' at the venue stated above.  Since these brunches were introduced to the calendar they have gone from strength to strength.  This was without doubt the larges turn out and that was with 3 cancellations!!!

The company enjoyed convivial chat about many things ongoing in the world at the moment and also about the ensuing rambling season which everyone was looking forward to.  We also welcomed a new member and his wife into the group and as always his welcome was warm.

If numbers are going to be on this level we will have to consider new venues for the future as the ones we have used in the past will not cope with these numbers!!!  Any suggestions to Brian by whatever platform you wish to use.

After a couple of hours the company dispersed and left looking forward to the first ramble of the year on Monday, 11th April, 2022.  Paperwork coming soon.


Recent improvements at Wemyss Caves, East Wemyss, Fife, have seen a new all abilities path renewed and the caves re-opened for tours.  One of the leading lights in getting this work carried out was our own Chairperson, Sheila Batchelor.  Sheila was invited to cut the tape at the re-opening of the site and because of this the members of Forth and Tay Disabled Ramblers were invited along to the opening and a short tour of the caves.

And so on Sunday 27th February, 2022, 28 members and family assisted by some volunteers took scooters along to Back Dykes, East Wemyss and the members were able to enjoy lovely sunny weather and a nice 'scoot' along the Fife Coastal Path to the caves.  It was not a long journey but did require some advanced scooter driving to get through some huge boulders at the start of the path to the caves.  

The members were able to watch the opening ceremony and then had a tour of the caves before returning to Back Dykes and finishing a short but enjoyable day. 


The last ramble of the 2021 season

A large number of members were keen to come along for this ramble and including some friends, relatives and volunteers, we numbered 38. A very good turn out.

We gathered in the car park at the Falkirk Football Stadium as we had arranged to return there for an end of year meal.
Two new members and one new volunteer came along so we were slightly delayed in starting after some basic instruction on operating the scooters.

From the car park, we crossed a busy road but with the help of a pelican crossing, the volunteers and some very considerate drivers, we crossed safely to the Helix Park.

The path skirted marshland and ponds heavily populated with ducks and swans which gave some excellent photo opportunities for wildlife. The Kelpies soon came into view and they were indeed very impressive. We struck off to the left crossing a canal, then into a woodland area where we followed a circular route, part of which was beside the river Carron.

In that area, we came across a real talking point - a very large pink coloured sculpture. Was it a heart, was it a tongue or perhaps an almond nut shape. In the end we decided it was a pair of lips with pink lipstick and perhaps the clue was in the colour. There we stopped for a short break.

We then continued along the river back to The Kelpies. Some took the opportunity to travel round the sculpture, take photographs or go into the visitor’s centre. The question was asked “who created The Kelpies”? Nobody seemed to know but with the help of Google we now know it was a Glaswegian sculptor called Andy Scott. One to tuck away for a quiz night.

It was then time to return to the stadium to the Westfield Restaurant where staff had kindly agreed to stay open for our party. They were very helpful and obliging and the meal was excellent so a big thank you to them. The meal concluded the rambling season for us.

This year we have been extremely lucky with the weather, not to say we didn’t get wet once or twice! All involved have enjoyed meeting up and getting out and about again and looking forward to next April when we start all over again.


The last event of the FTDR season took place on Sunday, 5th December, 2021, when 50+ members, volunteers, friends and family met at The Gilvenbank Hotel, Glenrothes for Christmas Lunch.

As you can see from the gallery the company appeared to enjoy the festivities with some getting right into the Christmas spirit with their dress sense.  I suspect the other Christmas spirit was also enjoyed!!! Quite right.

During the proceedings a raffle was organised by our efficient volunteers Edith Steele and Marilyn Davie where over £200 was raised to keep our treasurer and bank manager happy for another month or two!!!

The day was a huge success and a booking has already been made for December, 2022, when we hope to come together and remenisce of the events that have taken place during the year.


As always when approaching the date of a ramble a close eye is kept on the weather forecast and for this particular ramble it made depressing reading!!!  However, on the day the vans (3) were loaded and headed to the start at Strathmiglo Village Hall, California, Strathmiglo.

It was fairly heavy rain at this point and during the journey a few telephone calls were fielded with members calling off and others asking if we were going ahead.  The decision at that time was f the rain continued we would cancel and head to the Pillars of Hercules and enjoy a 'brunch'.  

On arrival at the start there were  few members in the car park already clad in wet weather gear.  After some discussion it was agreed by the majority to go ahead with the ramble.  A couple decided that perhaps this was the day for them and headed home.  Completely understandable.

Whilst unloading the scooters the rain began to subside and by the time the group were ready to go it was almost fair weather and so we set off.

The path leading away from Strathmiglo is quite steep in places but no-one seemed fazed by this and soon the rain had completely stopped and it was smiles all around.

When we reached the end of the path up from Strathmiglo we turned on to the road that leads to The Pillars of Hercules and it had turned into a fairly nice day and wet weather gear was now being discarded.  Unfortunately the clouds hung low over the Lomond Hills so erasing any good views of the hills.

Soon we arrived at our destination where some of the members enjoyed the fare provided by the cafe whilst others enjoyed the picnic they had brought.

All too soon it was time to head back along the road to and to the car park at Strathmiglo Village Hall,  The members who completed the ramble were al in agreement that it had been a good day enjoyed by all,  Check the photographs and see the smiling faces and the enjoyment can be seen quite clearly.

Only one ramble left for 2021 so lookout for the report on that day out.  It may be sunny, it may be damp, it may be raining but everyone will enjoy that ramble.


The morning was a little over cast with a haar hanging about as we made our way to the meeting place at Broughty Ferry Castle Car Park.  Going by recent events on the rambles what could possibly go wrong!!!!

On route a message was receive from a member who had arrived at the location early to say the car park selected for the meeting point was closed and had a huge crane and a lorry parked therein.  Oh no here we go again.

On arrival at the location it was obvious that we had to rethink our start point and a small car park further on the route was selected for unloading the vans whilst the members cars would be accommodated on the road (very wide and other vehicles parked).  Simples!!!  Not at all as members were now parked at various locations round the castle.  Herding cats comes to mind!!!  However with a lot of help and running around all members were located and sent to the new meeting point.

Later than thought we were ready to go and because of the delay the sun had appeared and it was a lovely day as the group of about 30 set off in an easterly direction.  The route was essentially tarmacadam all the way and ran between the Tay and the main railway line.  The route is very poplar with locals dog walking, running, cycling etc but all very friendly and welcoming.

The ramble took place without incident and every enjoyed the route along to a lovely grassy park area where lunch was the order of the day.  As the photographs show everyone was very relaxed in the midday sun and enjoyed the time spent at this point.

However, all good things come to an end and soon it as time to make the return journey.  The sun continued to shine on the group as they made their way back to the vans.  Everyone agreed that despite the little setback at the start of the day it had been a very enjoyable ramble and thoughts were already turning to the next ramble in September.


Another lovely day was a bonus as we prepared for a trip to Tentsmuir Forest.  Three vans wee required to take the scooters to the meeting point in the Main Car Park at Tentsmuir Forest.  On arrival we managed to locate all members who were parked at various points in the car park and it certainly made for an interesting start to the day.  It is a very big car park and also very popular with visitors from far an wide.  However we found everyone and set off along the main path through the forest.

The entourage travelled about 2 miles along the track in very warm conditions but the trip was not without incident as a scooters electrics started playing up and had to be returned to the van.  The user being accommodated on a spar scooter which we always take on the journey.  At the end of the two miles we turned back on the route until we reached the 'ice house' where we were met by the manager of the nature reserve wo allowed us access through a couple of gates and so into a lovely spot for our picnic.

A track lead away from the picnic area which gave access to the beach through the sand dunes.  4/5 member were up for the challenge of taking scooters along the track and apart from one scooter the others made it through to the dunes and almost the beach.   The unsuccessful scooter got bogged down in deepish sand and had to be pushed out.


Not to worry.  We tried.  The picnic was enjoyed by all with the warm sun keeping everyone warm.  The scooter problems were not over for this trip as a wheel on one of the scooters was found to be punctured.  Thankfully the nature reserve manager offered to take a driver back for one of the vans so that they could collect the scooter from the main drive.  The damaged scooter was pushed back out to the track.  Unfortunately this meant a hold up as we all had to wait until the scooter was removed before continuing our journey back to the start.  Thankfully the sun continued to shine and it was a comfortable wait in the sunshine.  Eventually the scooter was removed and the group head back to the car park.


The scooters were retrieved from the various points in the car park and loaded back on t the vans.  During this process there was a loud crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning.  The last scooter was placed in the back of the van and the heavens opened.  The rain was seriously heavy and driving back through the forest was interested as it seemed like the middle of the night with the dark clouds hanging overhead.  The road was awash and on reaching the road into Leuchars we found it flooded in many places and driving conditions were seriously bad at this point.  Thankfully not one of our party was caught in the downpour and by the time we were back at base the sun was again shining brightly.


Another good ramble despite the scooter problems and the downpour to end the ramble.  On to the next one was the cry. 



The ramble on this day was a new departure for Forth and Tay Disabled Ramblers.  Getting to the start did throw up a few problems for some of the members but eventually with a bit of help (thanks for mobile phones) everyone arrived at the start point.

However, the problems were not over.  Two of the members announced that they had just been informed that they had been in recent contact with a person who had now tested positive for Covid!!!!  Unfortunately this mean't they had to eave the group immediately.

Once again the sun was splitting the sky and spirits were high as we set off towards Threipmuir Reservoir.  The path we were taking at this point was relatively wide and so no problems were caused to other users in the area.  Shirtsleeves, sunglasses and hats were the order of the day.

The views of the start of the Pentland Hills were beautiful as was the view across the reservoir.  As had been the case on our previous ramble (09/07/21) water sport enthusiasts were out in force.


As a group we made our way to the Harlaw Reservoir Visitor Centre where we found Police Officers and Fire Officers engaged in making a video of water safety.  Many of the members took the opportunity to get information on home safety from officers present.


A lovely garden behind the visitor centre was the perfect spot for lunch and a relax in the sun.


Once lunch was over the group left the garden (reluctantly) and using a slightly different route left the officers to their duties and made our way back to the start point.  Again the opinions on the ramble were excellent and it can be safely said 'we will be back'.  Another successful ramble.   


Once again on a Friday in July, 2021, the sun was shining brightly and there was little or no wind.  The park was very busy with walkers, cyclists, water sport enthusiasts and the car parks were also busy.  However we managed to get the vans parked and the scooters unloaded.


Once all members had been issued with a scooter and gathered together the group set of in a clockwise direction round the main loch.  The group were greeted by many members of the public who were making use of the park facilities and as always some members enjoyed a chat with the locals.


On the south side of the loch a little way off the track were a herd of cows lying in the grass by the loch.  Although interested in the passing convoy they did not move closer to get a better look!!!  Unfortunately the hedges for part of the route are fairly high which does spoil the views of the loch for those on mobility scooters but thankfully this did not appear to dampen the enthusiasm. 


Once passed the hedges and around the west end of the loch the views did open up and were enjoyed by all.


The tracks around the loch are excellent for motobility scooters and so the group made good progress. 


We eventually made our way back to the east end of the loch where a spot was found with benches for our picnic.  It was the perfect spot for a bit of  sunbathing and a fair time was spent at this point enjoying the sun, sport on the loch and enjoying each others company. 

After a while it was decided to move on and a member suggested having a walk through the fairy woods.  Lead on was the general opinion and off the group went.  Once again the trails were very good for the scooters and it was good to see the work that local schoolchildren had done around the walk.  Unfortunately we had a to abandon the tour as a boardwalk had broken boards and the scooters would not manage to negotiate any further.  Disappointing but after a bit of 'off roading' we were out of the trees and on to the park


The general review of the ramble was that it had been a lovely day enjoyed by everyone.  Back to the start and after making sure that everyone was at their vehicles the group set off for home.  What next???


Once again in June the sun was shining as a group of 12 ramblers, with friends and volunteers met at the harbour are at Loch Leven.  It was fairly busy and the car park was filling up before the vans arrived with the scooters.  Unfortunately due to a hold up at the garage they had not been able to set of with sufficient time to arrive for a 11a.m. start.  Such is life!!!!

After good work by the 'scooter shifters' the group set off in a clockwise direction heading for Burleigh Sands.  At some points the route has good views of the loch but over the years in other areas the hedges have grown to such an extent that the views are obscured.  This is particularly evident behind Kinross House.  However this did not appear to distract from the enjoyment of the ride for the members.

The path leads through open grasslands and also woodlands with a variety of wildlife occasionally on view but on this day all was fairly quiet.  At one point the path does narrow significantly but thanks to the understanding of other path users we passed the problem with no incident.

On reaching Burleigh Sands the group were fortunate to find the place 'uninhabited' and took over the seats at this point whilst the 'scooterists' positioned themselves with a good view of the loch and Benarty Hill known as the 'sleeping giant'.  When viewed from a point slightly more west the hill resembles a giant lying on his back sleeping!!!


A number of passers by stopped and chatted with the members and the time spent at this point was very enjoyable.  All good things come to an end and soon it was time to head back to the vans for the journey home.


At the end of the journey the scooters were loaded quickly by the volunteers, disabled members were seen safely to their cars and everyone left with fingers cross for the lovely weather to continue on the day of the next ramble. 

SCOOT IN GLENROTHES on Thursday, 17th June, 2021.

About 11a.m. on Thursday, 17th June, 2021, a group of 6 ramblers and 6 volunteers set off from Poplar Road, Glenrothes on a new trip.  A route had been planned ending in the Town Park, Genrothes.

Following Bobligen Way in an easterly direction, the group then turned west along the front of the relatively new Auchmuty High School.  After following a couple of streets the party reach an underpass leading to the rear of Morrisons Supermarket and subsequently Queensway Industrial Estate.  

After travelling along Flemington Road the group managed to avoid a visit to 'McDonalds' before following Queensgate to the entrance to the Town Park.  The route at this point was a quite steep downhill section before opening out on the level to views of the park and the River Leven.  


New visitors to the park were intrigued by the 'Hippos' apparently making their ay from the river into the park.  The path round the north side of the park was followed until the park pond was reached.


It was once again a lovely day and the group found a spot in the sun where our picnic lunch was enjoyed by the ramblers but also by some mallard ducks and seagulls that visited the group.  On the pond were a couple of swans with 2 cygnets.


After the picnic had been devoured ad some convivial chat had been enjoyed the group decided to make the return journey to Poplar Road.


The route taken both going and coming was covered by numerous dropped kerbs and lit crossings and will be used in the future.  As a result of this scoot other paths are going to be examined and it maybe that in the future a route can be devised which could lead to a complete ramble taking place from Poplar Road and thus meaning no vans or fuel to be paid for!!!  Good news for the treasurer.

Another enjoyable day came to an end.


On this lovely summers day with a slight breeze coming off the River Forth 16 members, friends along with volunteers set off from The Ballast Bank Community Centre, Preston Crescent, Inverkeithing.  On this occasion we were joined by a new member who after a bit of instruction on the scooter was raring to go.

The route took us along with banks of the River Forth past the old quarry in Inverkeithing with ever widening views of the River Forth Bridges.  The path as always was busy with walkers, dog walkers, and cyclists but was wide enough to accommodate everyone.

On reaching the outskirts of Dalgety Bay once again there were good views of the bridges and cameras were clicking away.  The route wound its way through the houses and eventually came out on a higher part of the town on a street appropriately named The Bridges.  At this point we were on part of The Fife Coastal Path and the views across to the Lothians were very good.  Unfortunately we had to continue along the footpath at a point where the coastal path veered off.  At this point on the coastal path are steps leading to a floral garden known as The Triangle.  I am sure our members would have enjoyed this area but steps are a no no for scooters.  Perhaps in years to come a ramp could be provided beside the steps for disabled access!!!

However, the embers were happy to continue through the  streets and houses enjoying the lovely gardens and some spectacular houses.  Guess the value was a good game!!!.

Eventually we made out way to a grass area adjacent to Dalgety Bay Sailing Club where it was decided to stop and partake in a picnic lunch.  At this time the sun was shining brightly and it was an enjoyable spot.  Adjacent to the sailing club work has started to remove the radioactive material from the bay and beach and work was ongoing during the time we spent having a bite to eat.

All too soon though it was time to make the return journey which was interesting to say the least as we took a number of wrong turnings and saw more of Dalgety Bay than we expected.  Again, the company appeared to enjoy the journey and eventually found our way back to the start point.  Everyone had smiles at the end of the journey and had obviously enjoyed the day out.  What is next?


RAMBLE IN BLAIRADAM FOREST, KELTY on Tuesday, 11th May, 20121.

On this date our second event of the year took place on a lovely sunny morning starting at 11a.m. at the Forestry Offices, Blairadam Forest, Kelty.

11 Ramblers, 4 family and friends, 5 volunteers and 2 dogs took part in the ramble which followed the trails and tracks around the forest.  The trails and tracks were maintained in good order and offered a good surface for the mobility scooters ad walkers alike.

Blairadam Forest is very popular with dog walkers and the car park was very busy as we arrived, unloaded and distributed the scooters and then set off.  During our journey round the forest several photographs were taken and these are displayed in the gallery opposite.

The forest was a popular mining area many years ago and there is evidence of this at several points on our ramble.  At one point whilst meandering round a middle path we saw a huge brick structure which was in fact part of an upright which formed a bridge of the space for trains carrying the coal away from the coal mine.  Running through this part of the woodland is The Kelty Burn which comes from Loch Glow which is some way off to the west.  At another point is a stream the wends its way over the stones and this emanates where a mine was filled in some years ago.  This stream eft everything it passed a red/rusty colour.

After leaving this part of the forest the group travelled in a westerly direction past forest on the left but on the left there had been a lot of lumber work and it would be many years before the forest came back to what it was.  However, I understand that smaller plants and wildlife come to life in this environment and so the circle of life goes on.

The route at this point was uphill and then the route took us back into the forest where we found a lovely spot to enjoy our picnic lunch and good conversation.  Once everyone had enjoyed the short stop we continued through the forest and out on to the main drag.  Sometime later we returnee to a forest track which was downhill before reaching a junction where a south bound turn lead us back to the start.

The weather had been very kind to us and there were a lot of smiles on the faces of the ramblers as we reached the end of this ramble.  Thankfully the sun stayed with us for most of the day and we keep our fingers crossed that that will be the norm for our future events.

SCOOT - Wednesday, 5th May, 2021.

After many months of waiting we were able to hit the countryside once again with a scoot in the Glenrothes area.  About 11a.m. on the date stated 9 disabled ramblers, 3 friends and family and 8 volunteers set off from A2B Van Hire, Poplar Road, Glenrothes.  The plan was to make our way towards Markinch and eventually into Balbirnie Park, Markinch.

The scooters had all been disinfected prior to being handed over to the ramblers and everyone was asked to pay attention to social distancing.  It was a lovely sunny day although there was a cold wind coming from the north west.  However, after months of waiting to get out and about again this did not dampen the enthusiasm of all participants.

Once in Balbirnie Park the group passed along gravel paths and eventually to a picnic area on the northside of the park adjacent to Balbirnie Park Golf Club.  Balbirnie Park is well known for its collection of rhododendron and making our way to the picnic sight a pink specimen was admired.   On reaching the picnic area group had a break for a picnic lunch which was enjoyed by all.  Luckily a short hail shower did not come to anything and a huge sigh of relief could be heard from the group.

After a short time the group continued on their way and left the park by way of the main drive returning to John Dixon Park and returned to our original start point by reversing the journey.  On arrival back at our start point everyone agreed that it had been wonderful to be out as a group, to chat to friends and catch up.  The group were already talking about the next event which was coming up in 6 days time when everyone was coming along.