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On 23rd December, 2019, David Ross passed away in the high dependency unit at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy.  Dave is survived by his window Margaret, son David and daughter Lesley.  Dave was a long time member of Forth and Tay Disabled Ramblers serving on the committee in various guises over the years.  He was a lovely man to meet and chat with, always a smile on his face and never a complaint about his health or indeed anything in particular.  He thoroughly enjoyed his days out with the raamblers and will be sadly missed.  However, I am sure that he will be with us in spirit as we enjoy our rambles in the coming years.


A number of members and volunteers attended Dave's funeral on Friday, 3rd January, 2020.  Margaret and the family met and spoke with those attending and the condolences of Forth and Tay Disabled Ramblers were expressed to them.  RIP Dave. 


The rambling season will soon be upon us and the exciting new programme is enclosed.  I hope you are ready to get out there.  Membership & Ramble charges remain the same – individual membership £12, joint membership £18.  Ramble Fees are - £7 fee for each ramble (£5 if you bring your own scooter) – the charge for the bus is £10 per ramble.

Please ensure that you wear adequate clothing for the rambles and bring a packed lunch.

It is requested that members bringing their own scooters and power chairs to rambles have adequate insurance cover and provide a photocopy of their policy as they are not covered by the group’s insurance policy whilst using their own equipment.  All that is required for rambles is Public Liability insurance.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the first ramble and the AGM on Wednesday 24th April at The Willie Clarke Centre, Lochore Meadows.  We are looking for new committee members.  Aileen Davis, who has served on the committee as chairperson for many years and has done an excellent job, is retiring.  It is really important to keep up our committee membership as without it we would not have a Forth and Tay disabled Ramblers.  After the AGM – soup and sandwiches will be provided followed by an exciting slide show of travels in New Zealand with a motor home and a mobility scooter.  Please come along! 

For the more able, the Angus Glens Walking festival takes part Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd June 2019.

I’ve enclosed a copy of Member’s Guidelines as a reminder to all members of their responsibility to themselves and to other ramblers.

Let me know if you need to update your medical information and I will send you a form.  If you are a tax payer and would care to “Gift Aid” your contributions I can also provide a form.


Yours sincerely,


Brian T Watson, Membership Secretary, FTDR.


Membership Application/ Renewal

Medical Form (for new members only – others please remember to update your information if necessary)

Gift Aid Declaration Form (new members only)

Members’ Safety Guidelines

Ramble Programme

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